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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


There's always someone that is difficult to buy for. And, since pleasing others is ingrained in my psyche I tend to scrutinize over what gift would be best for family and friends, so much so that this year I bought and returned gifts for one specific family member three times, only to purchase something I considered in the beginning. I'm still not sure I bought the right thing, but I do know I spent way too much time and energy on this gift... I hope that counts for something!

Whatever happened to it's the thought that counts? When I was young my siblings and I hoped for many things and usually found one of those hoped-for gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. I never remember expecting all of the things on my list or even something expensive. Still Christmas morning was very anticipated. We ooh'd and aah'd over basic clothing needs, like socks, school clothes and slippers. And the Christmas I received a 10 gallon aquarium, complete with dimestore fish, I was estatic.

Of course those were simpler days, with simpler expectations. So as the day approaches I pray my gifts will be well received, for they were lovingly purchased.

However no matter how much love and thought I put into my gifts, nothing could compare to the gift God's given us. He sent His greatest gift on Christmas, Jesus whose death lovingly purchased life for those who believe.

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