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Friday, December 18, 2009


Two things I love about the holidays is being with family and friends and all the good food! I am an avid cook throughout the year, but around Thanksgiving and Christmas I dig out recipes that have stood the test of time. Like what would a holiday morning be without homemake cinnamon rolls. The sweet tradition started with my grandmother, passed on to my mother and now I carry it on. Pecan danties, homemade fudge and cut-out cookies also show up every year, again a gifted tradition from generations past. Peanut butter kiss cookies and yeast rolls are new to my immediate familyline, but practiced for over twenty years and holidays wouldn't be the same without them.
This year my treasured recipes were served at my annual Christmas Brunch, numerous holiday parties, a woman's rehab and as gifts for friends and neighbors.

Along with the dusted off recipes come a host of good memories of holidays past. Comfort food for all the right reasons!


  1. I used to bake a lot during Christmas. Today, it's what is most fondly remembered about me and the holiday. Either with jokes about cookies, or being begged for them.
    Ah--and fresh cranberries, ginger coffee. Lovely.

  2. The season is still young. Never too late to resurrect an old Christmas tradition and start cooking!