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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A "Treasured" Tradition!

It all started  in Hawaii years ago. Lush sandy beaches, cawing seagulls, boat bobbing along the ocean blue. A perfect backdrop for a pirate's treasure hunt.
My husband Gary rummaged through a souvenior shop at our hotel and came up with a small shell covered box. Coral bracelets, necklaces, chocolate coins and a lei fiilled up the box before it was buried in the sand and marked appropriately with an "X" made of lava rocks.
Gina our oldest daughter was 3 at the time. Guided by her father and toting a makeshift map, she scoured the beach, squealing with delight when she uncovered the box of treasure! Our tradition was born.
Now some 27 years and 5 children later, we have enjoyed numerous treasure hunts at beaches both near and far. Treasure chests in a variety of shapes and sizes adorn our home. Each child has dibs on their favorite ones.

A second generation of "hunters" has now joined the tradition. Cameron, our oldest grandson, embarked on his first real treasure experience this past weekend. On the sandy beach in Seagrove, Florida, the pirate  made his visit, leaving behind a colorful map and wooden cigar box of treasure. A fun moment for any two year old! And with two more grandsons and new grandchildren on the horizons our treasured tradition is sure to continue!

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  1. Our son would have loved that tradition when he was a youngster. He played a simple computer game where he searched for sunken ships and treasure. The finds were based on where real wrecks might be found. Research of actual wrecks helped him discover additional treasure spots in the game. I wouldn't be surprised if he pursues a future filled with wreck diving.

    Loved reading your family tradition.