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Monday, October 22, 2012

Aspiring Author Kendra LaLonde shares some fun holiday memories!

     I have had several fun holidays over the years. But there are 2 that stand out for me. The last family Christmas celebration in Michigan - when my grandmother was still alive. It was a lot of fun. We were able to see people we hadn't seen in a long time; even members of the family I'd never heard of before. The house was decorated, and we had a big meal downstairs in my grandparents basement. There must have been about 40 of us. Of course, getting to Michigan took us nearly an entire day of travel time. We were glad for the visit with family and friends there.

  The other memory I have of a great holiday was two years ago, on the 4th of July. We visited my brother who lives in New Hampshire for that week, and his church got together for a meal. It was quite enjoyable. There weren't lots of decorations in the big house, but with the 20 or so people there, I never noticed.

Kendra started writing when she was 16. She dabbles in Christian subjects-mostly the romantic theme, but is also trying her hand at YA. She hopes to learn some important things about the writing process from her many friends on facebook who also work in the writing profession.

She has been inspired by many. When she was 18, she suffered a tramatic brain injury. She was out of commission for 5 years. At 28, she is now back "in the game", struggling some due to her physical limitations, but too stubborn to give up.


  1. I enjoyed this post and Kendra's fond holiday memories. I'm not a writer, just a reader, but I'd like to encourage Kendra to keep on keeping on. We know that God is in control and if this is his will for Kendra's life he'll make the way.


  2. AMEN! God's plans far surpass anything we can imagine. Many blessings are yet to come!!