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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Marnie Swedberg’s Speed Baking Day Agenda, Recipes & Shopping List

Author, Speaker, Mentor, Marnie Swedberg

It was 2001 when three days before Christmas the doorbell rang. There stood our two garbage men holding a big, poorly wrapped box. Shyly they said, as they thrust the box toward me while turning to leave, “This is for little Timmy. Merry Christmas!”

Tim, now 21, had made it a point to greet the garbage men weekly on their pass by the alley. He usually didn’t think ahead too far, but came rushing into the house as he heard their noisy truck approaching with a, “Mom! Quick! The guys are coming! What can I give them today?”

Out the door he’d hustle with a few homemade cookies or bars.

He didn’t do it every week, but he did it often enough. But, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the gifts that won the hearts of those big, tough garbage men. It was the delight with which that little boy greeted them and showered them with smiles, love… and cookies.

Tim was home again last weekend, with friends. He’s a resident assistant at his college this year and decided to bring his crew home for… guess what? Baking cookies!

Baking with friends and family is fun, and when we can, we should, nut life is busy and you can’t do all your baking like that; at least, I can’t! 

As the owner of a restaurant and retail store, I don’t have a lot of time for baking at home. Several years ago I adopted the tradition of an annual “Speed Baking Day” during which I make seven big batches of our favorite holiday treats in less than four hours, start to finish.

It’s organized, fast, and then finished; and thanks to Mary,  it’s my great joy to and honor to share my Speed Baking Day plan with you:  
http://www.marnie.com/blog/Christmas_Baking_Day_Agenda.pdf.   Merry Christmas!


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