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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Cozy Custom by Author Nancy Thelen

Author Nancy Thelen
My Cozy Custom
When my nieces and nephews were small, I gave them a new   Christmas Ornament each year. Some years I made the ornaments, and other years I purchased something special.  I continued the practice until they graduated from high school.  Now they all have families of their own, and there are seven great nieces and nephews. When each of the ‘greats’ was born, I picked up the tradition, and continue to give each one of them a new ornament to hang on the family Christmas tree.  It’s heartwarming to see their trees decorated with all of the ornaments from years past, along with the new collection. The little ones look forward to opening that special package on Christmas Eve, and even though they know what’s inside.
About the author
Nancy resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where she spends her free time writing and cooking. She’s recently published her second book, ‘The Color of Light’, and hopes to re-publish her first, ‘Lost and Found’ in the near future. She has two more written, and is working on the fifth. Along with that, she enjoys cooking, and is always experimenting with recipes to find just the right balance for one or two servings. She plans on publishing a cookbook in the early part of next year. This is all accomplished while holding down a full-time job.

About the book:
Summer in the Northwoods is hot and surly. A tornado unleashes it fury, devastating the residents in the small town of Rivers Run. Spirit’s Rest, the old church camp located on the pristine shores of Sunset Lake, takes a direct hit. Now the value is even lower according to the development company that’s been pressuring the church to sell.  They have plans to build a resort that will help the sleepy little town grow and prosper.

Happy with the peace and tranquility of small town life, Jackie O’Reilly is against the sale of the property. To be honest, she covets the property for herself, so that she can preserve her privacy. When she wins a free makeover on the popular TV show, ‘On Board’, she asks to pay it forward, so as not to draw attention to herself. Her plans take a different direction, however, when the star of the show, Doug Sterling, manages to find a way to invade her personal space. Especially her heart. She secretly watches him on TV every week, but that’s just a star-struck crush. It doesn’t matter anyway, because once the episode is wrapped up Doug will be moving on, and she won’t see him again in person. Or will she?

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